The Science Behind Indaba's DISCflex

DISCflex offers a wide variety of DISC assessments

Indaba Global's DISCflex was created to fill a huge gap in the assessment industry. Many behavior and DISC assessments simply regurgitate the same basic information and lump people together. Realizing this we have created a revolutionary new DISC assessment that is both topic and user specific. We cater our assessment questions to the areas you are most concerned with and deliver extremely personalized behavior reports. Learn more about how we became the best DISC assessment program on the market...

DISCflex Validation Study

Indaba’s DISCflex is one of the best profiling vehicles to assess a person’s behavioral tendencies. Looking at patterns – the peaks and valleys of a person’s behavioral tendencies uncovered in a typical DISCflex Pattern – the most important thing to understand is the relationships among the four factors – Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Compliance. Comparison between the individual factors creates a spread. This spread will govern the behavioral choices that people make. To take a deeper dive you can click below to read our DISC validation study.

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