Indaba eLearning Courses

What is eLearning?

My Way, My Place, My Pace™ Blended Learning-

Designed to teach the end user how to flex their behavior. Their assessment will provide them with a baseline of their own behaviors. The eLearning will help them recognize when they are using these behaviors and identify what is appropriate for the situation.

We offer our programs in three learning formats: Video, Audio (mp3 downloadable) and White Papers. The variety of learning options enhances the overall results for our users. Whether at their desk, at home during quiet time, while exercising, or when they are traveling, our customers appreciate the freedom. We call this learning flexibility: My Way, My Place, My Pace™

Learning Verification

Our learning verification system is grounded in a series of online learning modules to reaffirm that the required knowledge has been understood by the participants. Each module consists of 20 multiple choice questions. A passing grade is 70% or higher. Users will have the opportunity to retake any module should they not receive a passing grade. 

-Our eLearning Courses-

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