Online DISC Certification Overview

DISCflex offers a wide variety of DISC assessments

Looking to start your own coaching endeavor or add new products to your coaching toolbox? Look no further. Earn your DISCflex™ certification and become a master at behavior modification. When you are certified in DISCflex™, you will have the ability to coach others through the “DISCflex Recovery: Report About Me. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to share your knowledge of behavioral flexibility with your clients.

Online DISC Certification Process

  1. Contact us to begin certification.
  2. Payment for the program.
  3. Within 1 Business Day of your payment processing, we will email you a registration code to complete your DISC Assessment.
  4. Once you complete your DISC Assessment we will hold a 90-minute training webinar with you to go over your results and the methodology behind materials.
  5. After the webinar, we will provide you with a Facilitator PPT to use DISC with other people. This PPT will include facilitator notes so you can lead the group.
  6. Certificate: We mail you a hard copy certificate once you have completed the webinar. You will be able to use this certificate to advertise that you are a Certified DISCflex Coach.

Online DISC Certification Options

DISCflex™ Certification is completed almost entirely online, at your own pace.

Facilitator: ($300): We turn you into an expert on DISC Assessments and understanding your client's behavioral tendencies.  We make sure you have all the tools and support you need to get people through their “DISCflex Recovery: Report About Me program start to finish. Once you complete the training, you can advertise yourself as a DISCflex™ Certified Coach.

DISCflex™ Facilitator Certification -$300.00 

Master: ($995): You go thru the same facilitator course above plus you receive 10 Units of our  “DISCflex Recovery: Report About Me program. We offer this as a discounted way to begin using the program with your clients and start practically applying what you have learned.

DISCflex™ Master Certification -$995.00 

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