Behavioral Sobriety™ Coaching Course Overview

Addictions often become so ingrained that a person’s brain automatically turns into negative self-defeating behaviors and habits. As a Behavioral Sobriety™ Coach, you’ll help your clients understand their underlying natural behavior and how these can help lift them or potentially hurt their recovery efforts. Looking at the definition of Behavioral Sobriety™, most people simply don’t know where to turn to get this type of education or help for themselves or those they love. This is a fundamental reason why people need the assistance of a Behavioral Sobriety™ Coach with a structured and logic program, especially in the first stages of their recovery efforts. Additionally, if you chose to encompass a holistic supporter and family-based approach, you can provide insight into the family dynamics, too. Often, recovery efforts can be significantly enhanced by providing insight into the contributing ‘relationship factor dynamics’ in the client’s life.

Inlcuded in Certification

  1. DISC Assessment and Report ($90 Value): DISCflex Recovery - A Report About Me
  2. Personalized Recovery Workbook ($50 Value): DISCflex Recovery - A Book About Me
  3. *Recovery Coaching Manual: A Guide to Behavioral Sobriety - COMING SOON*
  4. DISC Facilitation Training
  5. Facilitation PPT to use when coaching others
  6. Pricing Discount - 30% Off our products with orders of 5 Units or more.
  7. Referrals- 10% referral commission if a facility begins using our product that you referred us to.

Behavioral Sobriety Coaching -$1,000.00 

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