DISCflex Recovery – A Report About Me - $90.00

DISCflex Recovery – A Report About Me explains how your DISC profile will influence your preferences and natural behavior tendencies from a recoveree's perspective.

This report is great for- Overcoming addiction and understanding a recoveree's behavior.

Report -$90.00 

DISCflex Recovery – A Report About Me Contents

  • Introduction – Methodology of how and why the program is set up the way it is. Overview of each of the addiction reports.
  • What is a DISC Assessment? – We define what a DISC assessment is and introduce you to the four DISC Factors.
  • Summary and Scores – Your DISCflex™ Pattern and Factor results. Learn how you perceive your behavioral tendencies and what that information means.
  • SWOT Analysis – We provide you with a personalized SWOT Analysis (Strength's, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) based on your self-assessment results.
  • Individual Coaching Pages on Boundaries- We provide you with the knowledge behind the importance of boundaries. We have a 5-step process and map your coaching tips and advice to your DISC factor scores. This information is personalized based on your self-assessment.
  • Third Party- This section will provide you with information on how other people view your behaviors. It is not necessarily bad if the results vary from your own perception, but it is important to try and understand why others perceive your behavior this way.
  • Reference Pages on DISC Factors- Are you learning DISC for the first time? That’s OK, we provide you with reference pages so that you can quickly understand the big picture and begin to use DISC as a language of behavior.
  • DISC Overview for the Counselor or Coach – We provide an overview page at the end of your report so that a Coach or Counselor can tear it off and quickly see your personalized results.